Have you recently read an article or had a discussion with a business associate regarding company policies and benefits? As you consider the need to modify or add a policy, you may think, "What is everyone else doing?" The information is not easy to gather, but PIASC can provide a solution: our annual Wage & Benefit Survey.

Here are some interesting factoids from last year's survey:

  • 88% of the firm surveyed in 2016 had written policy manuals.
  • 74% of surveyed firms have a "drug free" policy, but only 57% conduct drug testing in any form. 27% of firms with less than 25 employees test for drugs, while 92% of firms with more than 150 employees test.
  • In 2016, 9% of the surveyed firms did not provide paid health insurance to their employees compared to less than 3% in 2012.
  • The average wage increase was 2.9% for firms providing increases. Over 70% of the firms surveyed provided a wage increase in 2016.

How can you access this type of information? The easiest way is to participate! Survey questionnaires have been sent to members, and the cost to participate is ZERO and the survey results (published in the fall) are FREE to participating companies!

If you do not participate you can still obtain a copy in the fall for $250 to members ($500 non-member cost). If you didn't receive your copy of the questionnaire, download it here or contact Cheryl Chong at 323.728.9500 x218.


contact: Cheryl Chong

email: cheryl@piasc.org

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