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PIASC Insurance Services Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary

by Joanne Cadenas

PIASC Insurance Services will celebrate its 30-year anniversary in 2018. As we approach this important milestone, I feel especially proud of the many ways we have been able to keep up with our members' insurance needs. During this past 30 years, there have been a number of changes affecting insurance. The most significant change has probably been in Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Why is Workers Compensation Insurance so important?
Frank CastroWorkers' Compensation Insurance protects business owners from liability issues that may arise from accidents or injuries at work and provides statutory benefits for those who suffer an occupational injury/disease. It protects the rights of both the employee and the employer.

There have been many preventable accidents in the workplace and proper training is not always given to new or temporary employees. A case comes to mind where a 20-year-old worker on his first day on the job at a bottling plant was crushed to death under heavy machinery. We help educate our members on safety measures that prevent these types of accidents.

Workers' Compensation Insurance used to be fair and affordable. Things changed quickly when lawyers began advertising the famous, "Have you been injured at work? My attorney got me X amount of money!" The increase in fraud led to an outrageous rise in premiums. After many changes in the law, Workers' Compensation is once again fair and affordable.

PIASC Insurance Services offers some of the best Workers' Compensation Insurance in California. We have access to the major insurance carriers with the most competitive rates and offer personalized services to our members including monitoring your claim(s) from beginning to end.

Anthony AlatorrePIASC is the first phone call you make to report a work injury after you seek medical care for your employee. We take control and file the proper paperwork on a claim in a timely manner to ensure all legal guidelines are met so that our members avoid any penalties.

Many of our members are small business owners and simply don't have the time to stop their business and make all of the phone calls or gather the paperwork needed when dealing with a Workers' Compensation claim. We take care of that for you. Working hard to give our members excellent customer service and advice on their business insurance needs.

What is an Experience Modification rating?
Most companies have an Experience Modification Rating Factor. Commonly referred to as an Ex-Mod, it is used to rate a company's liability risk factor. It is unique to your company, much like a fingerprint. At PIASC, we offer free safety guidelines and recommendations to help our members keep their Workers' Compensation Ex-Mod down, which in turn keeps their premium low.

Along with the changes in the past 30 years, we also enjoy the benefits of having some of our valued employees who have been with us from the beginning. This work experience is priceless when it comes to resolving any insurance issues that may arise. We have long-term, well-established relationships with our carriers and our members. We know the business and keep up with the changes in the industry. It is with dedicated service that we have achieved our 30 years in business, and look forward to many more years to come!

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