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January 13, 2016
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Don’t miss this outstanding workshop at Fullerton College, featuring knowledgeable speakers and live demonstrations by the following providers:

  • ESKO – See full HD Plate Technology that allows printers to achieve higher quality printing.
  • APEX – Learn about the next generation Anillox called GTT, which provides the ability to print tough screens and solids on one plate, resolving many issues associated with conventional hex-cell technology.
  • ROTOMETRICS – Experience a demonstration of the RotoMetrics’ Adjustable Clearance Anvil, which eliminates the need for purchasing new dies due to liner changes; it also allows optimum die cutting, extending the life of the die.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL INK – Learn about the wide variety of specialty coatings and when to use them. Also see a live demonstration of pearl and soft touch coatings.
  • TESA TAPE – Learn about adhesive tape requirements for high quality printing.

This workshop is recommended for owners, CEOs, CFOs, plant and production managers, press and pre-press operators. Space is limited so please make your reservations by contacting Emily Holguin at 323.728.9500, ext. 262. Click here for more information or to register online.

Contact Dave McCormac at 323.728.9500, ext. 299, if you have any questions about the program.

Workshop Fee: $20 for members; $40 for non-members. Coffee, light snack and lunch are included.



This provision, which is just two sentences, in a 2015 comprehensive transportation bill, now prohibits drivers from wearing headsets, earplugs or earphones in or over both ears while operating a vehicle or bicycle. It does not, however, apply to those using safety earplugs or headsets while operating authorized emergency vehicles, construction equipment and waste equipment. The provision became effective January 1, 2016.



Time for a “Love Contract?” Considering the litigious world we live in today and the California employers’ obligation to protect its employees from sexual harassment, it would be wise to add a workplace policy that discourages romantic relationships.

An employer can try to limit its potential liability for issues that may arise from consensual relationships that occur between employees in the workplace. The concern that most employers should have is that if and when the consent turns sour, the employees may have a claim regarding sexual harassment or discrimination claims. But even worse, what if the relationship occurred between a manager and subordinate? Think of the potential conflict of interest issues, confidentiality of work discussions, unwelcome speech or behavior (third party harassment issues) and favoritism.

Consensual relationship agreements or “love contracts” are a tool an employer can use to minimize or mitigate the potential for employee relations’ disasters that can disrupt the smooth flow of the operations at work. Such an agreement should state that consensual relationships should not cause disruption in the workplace or lead to sexual conduct/misconduct in the workplace. If an employer comes to know about a consensual relationship in the workplace, they should discretely approach both parties and speak to them confidentially about signing this agreement. That way, the employer can cover itself for any liabilities. The parties should be spoken to about respecting workplace boundaries and to behave in a professional and appropriate manner in all workplace contexts.

For more information, contact Cheryl Chong at 323.,728.9500, ext. 218.



That is why college recruiters combine print with persuasive stories to mesmerize prospective students. In fact, even though their target audience is teenagers, print is their main selling tool! Read the full story on the home page at www.ChoosePrint.org.



Does accountability thrive in your organization? Look for these clues that your culture may need an accountability overhaul:

  • People make excuses instead of getting results.
  • They blame others for failure.
  • They procrastinate on important tasks.
  • Employees and managers do the bare minimum to get by.
  • People act confused and helpless when confronted by problems or new information instead of seeking to understand what’s going on.

Adapted from the Forum Corp. website



Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge, and they’ve become increasingly popular in the marketing world. Here are 6 reasons why:

  1. Engaging – Visual information can be easier to process
  2. Memorable – Present information in an interesting way
  3. Emotional – People respond differently to images than to words alone
  4. Sharable – Easy to share on social media sites
  5. Flexible – Work for many types of information
  6. Helpful – Can generate inbound links to boost your website’s SEO



Ask any small business owner what their biggest challenges are, and “marketing” will nearly always make the list. 75 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business, a new book by PIASC member and experienced copywriter Linda Coss, provides 134 pages of the expert, actionable advice small business owners need to kick start their marketing efforts. Included are tips on creating marketing plans, advice about a wide variety of marketing tactics, ways to improve a company’s marketing materials, and much more. Easy to digest and highly recommended, the book also makes a great gift for your small business clients. Learn more at www.MarketingTipsBook.com.



Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.
~Aldo Gucci






Breakfast with Bob and Leslie
Contact Emily Holguin, Ext. 262

January 14th | 7:30am
The Breakfast Club of Long Beach, 3900 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach

29th Annual Surplus Drive
January 14th-15th | 9:00am - 2:00pm
Please note: Location change to Castle Press

A Flexo Workshop Day at Fullerton College
January 26th | 8:30am

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Contact Emily Holguin, Ext. 262

January 27th | 9am
Meridian Graphics Conference Room, 2652 Dow Ave, Tustin, CA 92780

February 3rd | 9am
PIASC Conference Room, 5800 S. Eastern Ave, #400, Los Angeles, CA 90040

February 3rd | 1pm
PIASC Conference Room, 5800 S. Eastern Ave, #400, Los Angeles, CA 90040

Print Excellence Awards Call for Entries Deadline
Friday, February 12th | 4:00pm

WEBINAR: Top Ten Cal/OSHA Citations and How to Avoid Them
Thursday, February 25th | 11:00am- FREE!

President's Conference
March 6-9th
JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa in Palm Desert, CA

2016 Graphics Night
Sponsorship Available!
April 8th
Pacific Palms Resort, Industry Hills

Private Turn-Key Tour of DRUPA
June 1-6th
Dusseldorf, Germany



Managing Virtual Teams: Key Tips and Tricks
Monday, January 18th | 8:00 AM | FREE!

  Delivering Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
Wednesday, January 27th | 10:00 AM | FREE!

The PMP Exam Has Changed! What Does that Mean for You?
Friday, January 29th | 9:30 AM | FREE!

Top Ten Cal/OSHA Citations and How to Avoid Them
Thursday, February 25th | 11:00 AM- FREE!

Conflict Recognition and Resolution
Tuesday, June 7th | 8:00 AM | FREE!



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