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January 25, 2017
Dear Member, here is your weekly e-flash!


Networking is powerful and your Association provides you with networking opportunities and a whole lot of exposure for yourself and your company. So we invite you to get on board and experience Cocktails & Conversations! You will be glad to have attended one of the most popular PIASC events. It’s light, it’s casual, it’s relaxing, and you will be happy you attended.

Not fond of networking? Don’t worry – prepare! Check out these quick tips for more confident networking.

  1. Change Your Mindset - Think of networking as a chance to get to know others and as a place where you can seek advice from someone who may come with a different point of view.
  2. Mind Your Appearance - Walk in to a networking event with the appropriate attitude. Appear approachable and be willing to approach others.
  3. Ask a Mutual Acquaintance for Help - Asking a mutual friend or acquaintance to help with an introduction is one of the easiest ways to help get a conversation started between two people who don’t know one another.
  4. Directly Introduce Yourself - If there is a contact you know something about, you may want to approach them directly with an introduction. Introduce yourself by full name and appropriately ask a question or make a comment.
  5. Ask a General Question or Provide Comment - You are not the only one who may be feeling awkward at the networking event. If you see someone simply standing there or sitting at a table by themselves, be willing to approach them and simply ask a question or provide a comment they could relate to. It can be a simple statement such as, “Wow, this event has a big attendance turnout!” This opens the door for conversation.

To succeed at networking events, leave people you meet with a good impression. You want people to feel your positive energy and to see you are willing to help others, as well as have a special area of expertise they will potentially want your advice and counsel on in the future. This will help ensure the relationship and conversation you have continues to grow after you leave the event.

Join us on Thursday, February 9th at Karl Strauss Brewing Company, 2390 E. Orangewood Ave., #100, Anaheim, CA 92806. Members Investment: $25. Non-members $40 (includes 2 beverages and appetizers). Please contact Emily Holguin at 323.728.9500, ext. 262, with your questions.


The Public Relations Committee met on January 13th to review the nominations received for the 2017 Executive of the Year and Marina Poropat Joyce was unanimously selected as this year’s Executive of the Year.

Marina Poropat Joyce has been marketing, graphic designing, publishing and printing her whole life. Today Marina is President of a consulting firm INEZ D, where she uses her 20+ years of experience as a branding/rebranding expert to help businesses grow and leverage their brand potential.

Marina is also known as an expert in the complex language of print. She is a sought-after speaker on the subject of graphic design for print, and the author of The Art & Science of Designing for Print, which she wrote to translate and simplify the finer details of printing into graphic designer-speak. The book is a compilation of 20 years of advice to recent design graduates working on their first print job, self-taught pros, hobbyists, and the web designers who get roped into working on print projects. Marina also maintains a blog at designingforprint.com.

Marina has been heavily involved in the printing industry and community. Her leadership positions at PIASC include: Director, 2005 – 2006; Vice Chair, 2006 – 2007; Executive Vice Chair, 2007 – 2008; Education Committee Member, 2008 – 2010; Chairwoman of the Board, 2008 – 2009; Immediate Past Chair, 2009 – 2010.

Join us at the annual Graphics Night on Friday, April 7, 2017, at the Pacific Palms Resort in Industry Hills, where Marina will be honored as Executive of the Year and presented with the prestigious Ben Franklin Award.



Regular safety meetings demonstrate the importance you and your organization place on safety. But to work, safety meetings have to address real issues and tackle them seriously. Here are some pointers:

  • Be short and specific. Employees will have an easier time remembering two or three specific ideas rather than a dozen or more. Pick a theme for the meetinglifting, for instance, or computer ergonomicsand cover that.
  • Ask questions. This is your best opportunity to find out what works and what doesn’t from the people who deal with safety issues every day. Ask for their input and feedback on how their jobs can be made safer.
  • Answer questions. Always allocate time on your agenda for discussion and Q&A. If you don’t have an answer, say sobut then find out and communicate it to the group. This further demonstrates your commitment to safety.
  • Provide a handout. Always give team members something to take away with them. Even a one page list of reminders they can post and refer to will help anchor your safety message in employees’ minds.

Remember, safety doesn’t happen by accident. Visit your Graphic Arts Resource Center to view the safety tools your membership makes available to you. You will be required to login with your email address. If you have trouble, contact Jairo Cuellar at 323.728.9500, ext. 202. Do you need additional help? Contact Gerry Bonetto at 323-728-9500, ext. 248.



One of the benefits of membership is the technical expertise provided by Printing Industries of America. Our technical experts from the Center for Technology and Research discuss common production problems and issues. The PIA’s Center for Technology and Research, also helps members with environmental, health, and safety concerns: consulting, and on-site technical assistance. Here’s the type of questions for which you can get answers:

Q. Any suggestions for how I reduce my operational expenses?

A. One way is to step back and become sensitive to the waste in your activities that drive costs up and extend lead time. There are eight common forms of manufacturing waste: motion, transportation, inventory, waiting, defects, overproduction, extra-processing, and not utilizing people’s talents and creativity. Another perspective is to examine your processes to pinpoint your activities that are non-value-added, in other words things that the customer wouldn’t be willing to pay for, which are essentially everything other than processes that directly turn the product into something usable by the customer. Focus on reducing those activities as much as possible. Mapping out your processes from incoming order to shipment, and identifying the time for each process and the waiting time in between processes, can help you see where you have the greatest improvement opportunities. Time is money as Benjamin Franklin supposedly said.

For this and many other questions and answers, stay tuned and read e-Flash regularly.

Source: PIA National



Employee complaints are part of every manager’s life. You can’t ignore them, but you shouldn’t let them take over your day, either. Handle them efficiently by asking your employee the following questions:

  • What is the exact problem? Don’t settle for unspecific gripes, like “I’ve got too much work.” Isolate the nature of the problem in concrete terms.
  • Who else have you talked to? Just because you’re the manager doesn’t mean you should be the first person employees turn to for help with every problem. Point out other people who are better equipped to offer immediate help in solving some problems.
  • What happened when you talked? If the employee has already gone to another source for help and not been satisfied, find out why. If people who are supposed to help aren’t doing their jobs, you have to know.
  • What do you disagree with? The complaint may stem from a disagreement with policy or a particular management decision. You may not be able to make changes that will satisfy the employee, but you should find out if the disagreement is over a legal matter, or perhaps the result of someone not doing his or her job.
  • What’s your solution? Find out what the employee wants you to do, in plain concrete language. An acceptable solution may be quite reasonable. If it’s not, explain why and try to reach a compromise.

Source: Manager’s Intelligence



Graphic arts teachers could not stop smiling at the 30th Annual paper give-away at Lithographix, Inc. this past Saturday. Teachers had over 90 pallets of paper to choose frompaper that will be used throughout the year to train our future workforce.

Graphic arts teachers and PIASC staff thank Lithographix, Inc. for hosting the event as well as the following PIASC members for their kind donations: B&G House of Printing, Inc., Chameleon Creative Group, Cooper Willow Paper Studio, Crown Connect, Diversified Printers, Impress Communications, L.A.Envelope, Midnight Oil Agency, Inc., PJ Printers, Sinclair Printing Company, Spicers Paper, Inc., TayCal, Thoro Packaging, and V3 Corporation.

If your company would like to host the 31st Annual Surplus Drive in 2018, please contact Ara Izquierdo at 323.728.9500, ext. 216.

View photos from the event here.



As one of the case studies featured on this month’s www.ChoosePrint.org home page shows, Lucky Supermarket’s arena billboards and posters made Warrior fans very, very hungry!

Pass this information along to your employees and encourage them to visit Choose Print’s website often and share it with their family to learn more about the industry they work in.



All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.
~Michael John Bobak








Cocktails and Conversations
February 9th | 5:30pm
Karl Strauss Brewing Company, 2390 E. Orangewood Ave., #100, Anaheim, CA 92806

February 16th | 5:30pm
Pour Haus Wine Bar, 1820 Industrial St., Los Angeles, CA 90021

Lunch with Leslie
February 15th | 11:30am PST | $35/members lunch included
Coaching Center of Orange County, 1231 E. Dyer Road, Suite 215, Santa Ana, CA  92705

CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2017 Print Excellence Deadline
February 17th | 4:00pm PST
PIASC Office, 5800 S. Eastern Ave #400, Los Angeles, CA

2017 President's Conference
March 12th-15th
Hilton Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

2017 Graphics Night
Sponsorship Opportunities
April 7th | 5:30pm-midnight PST
Pacific Palms Resort, Industry Hills



2017 Labor Law Update Webinar
January 26th | 10:30am | FREE to members

Get Ready for Agile Learning and Development
February 8th | 9:00am PST | FREE

Tips & Tricks for Microsoft Outlook 2016
February 8th | 10:00am PST | FREE

Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 (Beginner)
February 22nd | 10:00am PST | FREE

3 Keys to Successful Program Management
March 8th | 9:00am PST | FREE

How to Inspire and Energize Your People Every Day
June 14th | 9:00am PST | FREE



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