Regional Programs

Business Consulting

carlson PIASC Buying Power team has been joined by Carlson Advisors, a nation-wide CPA firm specializing in providing financial management advice, audit and tax services to firms in our industry. Their West Coast managing Partner, Gerry Michael, is familiar to many firms already through his long association with printers in the West. Because of their focus on and experience with printing, they are able to bring practical help with management problems to their clients, not just financial statements. Call them today at (323) 837-5246 to find out about their introductory offer to new clients only.

Ink on PaperNEW


If your firm is going to stay a player in the print marketplace, your people need the skills to get more done in less time and get it right the first time. They need to be able to get out jobs that the competition can't handle. Your key people need to work together as a winning team. Larry Lester, founder of Ink on Paper Solutions, brings more than 50 years of experience in the manufacturing side of our business, successfully working with a broad spectrum of growing firms. He is the holder of key patents in press technology and is a pioneer in cutting edge techniques of color management. He is a hands-on expert, who doesn't talk the talk; he walks the walk and will immediately gain the respect of the people in your shop floor who will make it happen. Find out how Larry can turn your shop into a powerhouse, by calling him at (714) 323-6219. Ink on Paper Solutions is our latest PIASC Buying Power Program, so PIASC members will receive a 20% discount!

Cellular phones

at&tMembers Save 10% on Business Accounts
Staying connected while you are away from the office is essential to your business. That's why PIASC and AT&T have partnered up to give members an exclusive offer. AT&T has the experience, expertise, and business processes that are critical to your success.

Take advantage of this offer by contacting Diamon Lockett, AT&T Business Account
Manager for PIASC, at (213) 280-5964.
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carlson Members can Save 40% on ISO Certification!
PIASC offers formal ISO certification (PISO) at a fraction of the cost through the Graphic Arts Technical Council (GATC). Over 30 member companies have been PISO certified to a quality assurance program that saved those companies thousands of dollars in the process. Robert Donahue, president of GATC, offers simple processes to make your certification journey as trouble free as possible and will design it to fit into the work schedule of your business. Contact Maribel Campos if you would like to obtain more information at (323) 728-9500, Ext. 210.

carlson New Buying Power Partner!
IDEAlliance offers a 15% discount for PIASC members
to purchase online training in the areas of Color Management and Process Control. The Color Management Professional Certification Program offers five different online courses on color management best practices for Creative, Premedia, Print Production, Photography, and Sales Professionals. The Process Control Online Training & Professional Certification Program includes 27 online lessons and more than 200 support materials. All online courses provide skills training and an industry-recognized accreditation as a Certified Professional. The courses have no prerequisites. To receive the 15% discount, use the Special Coupon Code: PIASC14 when registering for any online course at www.idealliance.org. Contact Dave McCormac if you would like to obtain more information at (323) 728-9500, Ext. 299.

FSCGroup FSC Certification Available Now!
PIASC has joined 16 Printing Industries of America affiliates to form the Regional Affiliate Certificate Group (RACG) offering manufacturing printers with access to FSC chain of custody certification at group rates, making this, the first printers' group created in North America.

The group FSC certification program offers substantial savings with an annual cost of $1,695.00. Participation is limited to printers (not as yet, brokers) with sales of less than $5 million. It will necessitate the FSC required paper trail maintained by the printer and an initial audit, the cost of which is included in the $1,695.00 fee.

If you are already certified, you may change to this program to take advantage of the reduced cost. An explanation of the process and an enrollment form is found by clicking here.


agaAGA Helps Members With Their Collection Efforts! AGA is a commercial debt collection agency headquartered in Melville, New York and it's PIASC's newest Buying Power Partner.

Every month a delinquent account has debt left unpaid, the chances of recovery decline. Most companies wait 120 days, 180 days—or longer, before turning delinquent accounts over to a 3rd party collections agency. The longer you wait, the less collectible your debt is and the more your bottom line is affected.

With over four decades of 3rd party debt collections experience, AGA leverages proven debt recovery strategies to secure the highest possible rate of return on your delinquent accounts. AGA helps our clients increase cash flow, while maintaining their public image.

The Advantages of Third Party Collections

Unpaid debt is expensive. For a company with a gross profit margin of 5%—every $25,000 you write-off requires an additional $500,000 in new sales to replace it. What's more, according to the CLLA the longer you hold your delinquent receivables, the more costly the situation becomes. Take a look:

  • 3-months past due: $0.70 of each delinquent dollar recovered.
  • 6-months past due: $0.50 of each delinquent dollar recovered.
  • 12-months past due: $0.23 of each delinquent dollar recovered.

The sooner you place a claim with AGA, the sooner you will start driving additional cash flow to your balance sheet.

Click here to place your claim.
Click here to view the informational video.

Employment Background Checks

emponlineEmployers Choice Online, Inc. is a nationwide provider of employment background checks and drug testing services. Screening services have never been more affordable; with a "pay as you go" service there are no contracts, no sign up fees or no monthly minimums!

Employers Choice Online.com's legally compliant results help employers reduce workplace violence, theft, fraud, substance abuse and negligent hiring liabilities.

PIASC members will receive a 20% discount on both standard and managerial option packages when you sign up.

Click here to sign up or contact Cody Farzad at (800) 424-7011 for more information.

Environmental, Health and Safety

SafetyNetGET PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH AND SAFETY (EHS) SERVICES AT A 10% DISCOUNT! The SafetyNet Inc. team has the experience and knowledge to assess your compliance needs, mitigate violations, train your staff and reduce the risk of accidents. Through onsite management and assistance they can help you reduce the threat of regulatory penalties. They work directly with most agencies OSHA, AQMD, EPA & CUPA and have over 15 years of experience working with companies just like yours.Click here to view the informational video or click here to get started or call 877-354-5434.

Experian Credit Reports

SmartBusinessReports.com ®Experian allows members to check the credit worthiness of prospective clients before you enter into a business relationship. Members receive reports on the same day, and may request either a complete Business Profile or a one page Commercial Score summary report, both at the discounted rates. For more information contact Maribel Campos at Ext. 210 or Experian's SmartBusinessReports.com helpdesk at (800) 303-1640.. Now even easier and cheaper when you run your own reports!

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Flexo Group



PIASC has teamed up with FLAG—the Flexo Label Advantage Group—to provide independent label converters with bottom-line buying group savings, catastrophic backup plans, new technical and business resources, plus top line new label sales growth potential. Start your 3-month free trial now by contacting John McKay, President/CEO at (603) 589-8078.

Internet Solutions



The GDR Group (GDR) provides leading edge IT services to businesses of all sizes. GDR combines technical expertise, teamwork and focuses on "solutions based consulting" designed to optimize a client's technology investment and maximize the productivity of their people and business. GDR provides IT Support Services, Web Application Development, IT Consulting & Projects, Staff Augmentation and Data Protection Services. For more information and to get started go to www.gdrgroup.com or contact Lisa Salinger at (949) 453-8818, Ext. 7972.

ignisisIGNISIS (formerly Atlas Broadband) has a new brand, "Always up.  Always Fast," and now offers Bandwidth as a Service! Members get special pricing on IGNISIS provided T-1, DSL and Fixed Wireless network/internet connections, as well as a complimentary “Service Contract” with three hours per month of printer specific network and pre-press support. And now IGNISIS still offers you a full spectrum of VoIP solutions with the same guarantee of excellence they make for their redundant network connectivity and managed service solutions. For more information, contact IGNISIS directly at (800) 549-6626 or visit their website.

Credit Card Processing

CardConnectPIASC members can protect their business and save up to 40% on expensive credit card processing fees through buying power partner CardConnect (Formerly Marathon Solutions, Inc.)

Join the hundreds of printers across the country that are taking advantage of this program.

CardConnect (Formerly Marathon Solutions, Inc.) offers members the following benefits:

  • Industry’s most aggressive wholesale credit card processing rates
  • Elimination of all unnecessary, Non-Compliant or “Junk” fees
  • Complimentary credit card processing software
  • Protect your business with Point-to-Point encryption, Patented Tokenization and Vault Storage

Start saving now!

Contact: Adam Kenne, Business Development Manager at (913) 912-5192
Website: www.cardconnect.com
Toll Free Number: (877) 828-0720

Click here for step by step information to get started today!

New Horizon Training Classes


Our preferred training partner New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Southern California offers a wide variety of courses designed specifically for printing and graphic arts professionals! For the past 30 years their innovative, award-winning learning methods have revolutionized the way students learn, retain and apply new knowledge.

  • Graphics, Web Design and Desktop Publishing applications such as Acrobat, InDesign, HTML, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop.

  • Desktop Applications software like Windows 7, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Project), SharePoint and many others.

  • Business Skills including Project Management, Effective Presentations, Managerial Leadership, Time Management, Negotiating Skills to name just a few.

  • Technical Systems, Hardware and Software including Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, VMware, CompTIA, RedHat Linux, Information Security, AutoCAD and much more.

We encourage our members to take advantage of this special arrangement and enroll in a class at one of their five Southern California locations today! To sign up for the New Horizons “Design and Media Club,” or any of the hundreds of individual courses available, please visit the exclusive PIASC Members Only portal (below) or contact our dedicated PIASC Account Executive at New Horizons, Cristina Faraone at (310) 342-3501. Also, find out if your company is eligible for additional subsidized training for California manufacturers.

Web Portal:

User Name = piasc
Password = member

PIASC Employment/Placement

PIASC offers members THREE placement/employment programs to meet their needs: One option free and others at discounted rates

PIASCPlacementPIASC Printworkers—FREE online Job Board for both members and jobseekers. Contact Rose Dorado, (323) 728-9500 x231.

Printwire Printer E-Commerce

PrintWireMany clients realize that they need a tool to help them manage the process of print buying. While a number of proprietary solutions are in the market, PIASC offers PrintWire—totally printer driven, not for profit and without transaction charges of any kind. For more information, contact Nick Wagner at (248) 354-9200.

Printworkers Employment/Placement

PrintWorkersPrintWorkers.com—Online job posting site offering members the most convenient, timely and economical way to attract industry professionals. Members receive a 50% discount on postings. Contact Amelia Harris at (877) 989-0949 x1.

Prudential Shop Towel Services

POSPIASC is always looking for ways to improve your bottom line. One area is the cleaning shop towel program that offers printers competitive prices and state-of-the-art environmental compliance technology with Prudential Overall Supply. For additional information call Ashley Carroll at (949) 250-4855 or visit their website. Click here for detailed information and start saving today!

Stock Images, Audio and Video

123RFPIASC partnered with 123RF to offer members a 20% discount on the already best priced high quality stock collection available. 123RF currently has over 32 million royalty free Stock Images, which are contributed by photographers from around the world. By using 123RF, you not only benefit from saving money but will also have access to fresh content.

Start saving today by clicking here. For help contact Harold Abrego at (415) 806-2057 and use promo code: PIASCLA20.

To answer your questions contact Maribel Campos at (323) 728-9500, Ext. 210.

TPX Used Equipment

TPXPIASC is proud to introduce the TPX Marketplace, the worlds oldest and largest used printing equipment marketplace, and the only used equipment marketplace featured in PIA's Graphic Arts Information Network site. Anyone may advertise a machine in the TPX Marketplace for a one time fee of $50 "until it sells". This ad will also appear in the next 2 monthly TPX Marketplace reports that are mailed to all PIASC members. Sellers with many machines for-sale can become a TPX subscriber and get free for-sale ads.

Click on TPX to be directed to their site where you can place your ad!

UPS Shipping

UPSGOOD NEWS! PIASC members can NOW save up to 34% on shipping and 70% on heavyweight shipments. UPS is pleased to help PIASC members save time and money through special services and shipping discounts. We put the power of logistics to work for you every day by providing speed, outstanding reliability and technology tools so you can focus on your business—not your shipping.

Click here for complete details and to sign up now!

National Programs

Apple Computer Equipment and Related Items

appleApple now offers PIASC members and their employees, discounts of up to 17% on all select apple products (but not iPhones or Apple tv). To get the discount click here or call (800) 854-3680 from 5am to 7pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday or from 6am to 6pm Pacific Time on Saturday.

You will be required to provide your name and association membership number to qualify for the discount. The discount is limited to one order of up to US$10,000 per association member in any calendar year. If you have any problems, call Maribel Campos at Ext. 210. Click here for step by step information to get started today!

BB Direct Database Services

BBDirectBB Direct offers exclusive savings on mailing list and database hygiene services to members. Members can enjoy exclusive savings on B2B Mailings Lists and Database Hygiene Services. Whether you’re using direct mail to prospect for yourself or your customers, quality mailing lists can be the difference between a successful and a failed campaign. As a leader in the industry of reseller mailing list data and database processing services, BB Direct has the mailing list to make your campaign a success.
Click here for step by step information to get started today!

Caliper Human Resources Services

caliperWith their testing products, developmental plans, and advice from expert consultants, Caliper helps companies assess the potential of individuals and develop the promise of organizations. They provide the professional advice you require to make knowledgeable, intelligent, objective decisions. For more information on how to take advantage of the special Printing Industries pricing, click on the members-only link at the bottom of this page on their website.

Government Print Management

GPMAdvancing Print Procurement - A New Approach by William Gindlesperger

Seek work in government markets to improve and sustain profitability. PIASC members receive a sizable discount from Government Print Management, a division of e-LYNXX Corporation on selected services related to the obtaining of work from the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) and other government agencies.

Print experts at Government Print Management, supported by robust databases and proprietary computer-operated systems, gather print bid opportunities from all GPO offices and hundreds of other government agencies. They then categorize the opportunities, sort and distribute them according to printer capabilities, establish winning strategies, manage paperwork, and navigate associated government red tape. Visit the Government Print Management website for access to reports and other information relating to government print contracts. You will want to contact Government Print Management at (888) 876-5432.

Semper Employment/Placement

SemperSemper International—Specializes in temporary skilled staffing assistance for the graphic arts and printing industry. Semper provides skilled short-term, long-term, and flexible-to-hire placement. Members receive a 5% discount. Call Scott Zettlemoyer at (562) 506-1052.


FexExFedEx Corporation provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services. PIASC members receive a member-only discount savings of up to 26% on select FedEx Express, up to 18% on select FedEx Express international services, up to 15% on select FedEx Ground and up to 70% on select FedEx Freight. To take advantage of these great savings, call (800) 475-6708 or visit the Printing Industries website.

For more information on how to take advantage of this special offer, click on
thismembers-only link.

For your 6-digit PIA Membership ID, call Maribel Campos Ext. 210.

FedEx service marks used by permission.

FexExPerformance Plus Global Logistics is proud to be teaming up with PIASC as part of the National Buying Power Program.

PIASC members have the opportunity to reduce costs, save time, and effectively manage occasional or frequent shipping. Members will receive aggressively negotiated shipping rates and intuitive, user-friendly online transportation management software designed specifically for the industry.

The dedicated Performance Plus service team brings to the mix a diverse background in shipping account management and support for your parcel shipping, less-than-truckload, full truckload, expedited, and ocean shipping. Key features include:

  • Whether you ship a half skid a month or 50 skids per day, you can benefit from this program.
  • Continue working with your current preferred carriers.
  • Choose from more than 100 best-in-class carriers, including FedEx and UPS.
  • Deep discounted member pricing means bottom-line savings.
  • Single source booking and tracking eliminates your need to coordinate with multiple carriers.
  • Consolidated and detailed invoicing streamlines billing for you and your customers.
  • Customizable reporting tools help you manage and monitor your expenses and activity.
  • Everything is provided. No obligations. No minimums required. No cost to participate.
For more information and to sign up, click on this members-only link to get started.

For questions please contact Maribel Campos at (323) 728-9500, Ext. 210.

Staples Office Supplies

staplesPrinting Industries of America has teamed up with Staples to make your life easier! Staples Business Advantage is offering the members of Printing Industries of America and its affiliates (PIASC) a brand new office supply procurement program. You are eligible to receive low contract pricing on more than 30,000 office supply products through StaplesLink.com. —Staples’ easy-to-use Internet ordering platform. All you need to do is go to the Staples Buying Power page to enroll*. Once enrolled in the program, you can shop online at StaplesLink.com. Click here for step by step information to get started today!

*Please be sure to have your username and password to login to the members-only page of the website. You will also need your 6-digit member ID number to complete the enrollment form. If you need help logging in or need your ID number, please contact Maribel Campos Ext. 210.

Xerox Equipment and Supplies

XeroxXerox Discounts – an exclusive purchasing agreement guarantees PIASC members preferred pricing on the sale or lease of a range of Xerox products:
• Composition systems
• Digital color copiers
• Electronic publishing systems
• Facsimiles
• High-volume duplicators
• Laser printer products
• Scanners
• Supplies and other equipment
This contract offers trade-in allowances as well as attractive leasing plans to fit the members’ specific needs. Contact Xerox at (800) 275-9376 or visit their website.
Click here for step by step information to get started today!