governmentHuman and Labor Relations Assistance

The Human Relations Department is your everyday resource for human relations guidance either to suggest appropriate actions or to confirm or suggest change to human relation actions your company is going to take. The areas of expertise include general human relations issues, assistance on collective bargaining with a union, and regulatory requirements that effect a company’s human and labor relation decisions or actions.

Up To Date Alerts

The Human Relations Department contributes to the PIASC Weekly Update and E-Flash articles alerting members to the many new or changing labor regulations.

HR Onsite Consulting

Does your company have a specific need that requires in depth human resource services? Maybe the company needs to perform an employee attitude survey, establish a compensation program, create a Company safety program, interview a candidate for an open job position, have supervisory training, or create job descriptions. PIASC Director of Human Resources, Doug Moore, will provide consulting services for PIASC members. Call him at (323) 728-9500, Ext. 218 and discuss your Human Resource on-site consulting needs and the cost. Follow this link for a list of the types of services available.

Human Relations Tools

The Human Relations Department can help you with tools to meet everyday human resource needs. For example it can provide:

  • Sample forms and templates such as a sample employee handbook; written safety program; correspondence to an employee; or payroll and personnel forms for discipline or performance evaluations.
  • Job descriptions covering all areas of our industry— provided to us by members of the association.
  • Human resource procedures such as for hiring, disciplining, or terminating an employee; how to calculate overtime; or a comprehensive leadership training guide.
  • Employer guides covering areas such as Cal OSHA rights, California Labor law interpretation or an unemployment guide.
  • Fact and Myth to test your knowledge of labor regulations and laws covering hiring, leaves, benefits, safety and wage and hour laws.
  • Compensation Surveys for Top Management including wages and benefits.

Members Only Publications

The Human Relations Department publishes documents for it's members that can be accessed by clicking here and then entering your email address. If your email address is not in the PIASC member database, please contact Socorro Garcia at Ext. 229.