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Competitions & Grants

PIASC's RAISE Foundation rewards students that participate in its annual competitions by providing grants to assist with the expenses incurred in their participation in the Skills USA State and National Competitions. Students participating in any one competition sponsored by RAISE will be eligible to receive grants for Skills USA State and National Competitions. Instructors are required to apply for the grant by completing the SkillsUSA State Grant Request Form and SkillsUSA National Grant Request Form. Grants are handled on a first come, first served basis and cover the registration cost of the State and National Competitions.

Each year we receive many "Thank You" notes from students, teachers, and administrators for PIASC's support and contribution to their education. Here are a recent few:

T-Shirt Competition

For the last 20 years, this competition provides high school students with an opportunity to show their talent in graphic design and production and win prizes for their programs. For 2017, students are required to design a scene from the zoo and use sublimation printing to transfer the design to a T-shirt. In addition to that, students must also produce a storyboard that shows the process of producing the T-shirt from concept to completion.

Click here for complete details of the 2017 T-Shirt Competition.

Coloring Book Competition

This competition is open to high school students. This project requires students to design and print a coloring book. Students must also produce a storyboard that shows the process of producing the coloring book from concept to completion.

Click here for complete details of the 2017 Coloring Book Design Competition.

Packaging Design

This competition is one of the most successful competitions for participants. The top three winning entries win cash prizes, and is open to both high school and college students. Students are asked to develop a new product and create a countertop, point-of-purchase display for a product. This display would normally be seen at the checkout counter of the supermarket or convenience store. Therefore, it must be eye-catching and persuade consumers to make that last minute purchase. No alcohol or tobacco products allowed.

Click here for complete details of the 2017 Packaging Design Competition.

College Bookmark Design Competition

This competition offers college students the challenge of producing a bookmark for RAISE's Literacy Program using the slogan "READ, READ, READ; the more you read, the more you know; and the more you know, the smarter you grow." The design focuses on pre-school and primary school children. The winning design is printed and distributed to public libraries and schools within PIASC's jurisdiction. The winners receive cash prizes. Initiated in 2006 by the PIASC Education committee, thie competition provides college students with an opportunity to compete against their peers and win scholarships to continue their education in graphic communications.

Click here for complete details of the 2017 College Bookmark Competition.

Awards Banquet

The winners of the high school, college and State and National Skills USA competitions, celebrate with their teachers and parents at this Annual Awards Banquet where they receive trophies and cash awards.

RAISE is the non-profit educational foundation for the printing industry. For more information, please contact Lou Caron, 323.728.9500, Ext. 274. For detailed information about this year's programs download this PDF of the 2017 Teacher's Bulletin.

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