Avoiding a Management Disaster
Have you ever had a job where you felt like you were in way over your head? Have you ever had a manager who made every day an exercise in frustration? Have you ever realized that you might be that manager? Join this webcast for an engaging conversation with Katy Tynan, author of the book How Did I Not See This Coming? A Manager's Guide to Avoiding Total Disaster.
May 16th | 9:00am PST | FREE

Critical Thinking
In this fast-paced world, one thing is certain: We need sharp critical thinkers who are able to size up a situation, realize the potential where others may not, and seize opportunities through prompt decision making. We all perform some level of critical thinking in our daily lives, yet most of us don’t really know what it entails or how we do what we do.
March 28th | 9:00am PST | FREE

Effectively Communicating in the Moment
It’s happened to all of us—you’re asked unexpectedly during a meeting to give a project update, or are stopped in the hallway with an important question, or are cornered in a challenging conversation. You can’t plan for these unrehearsed events, but you can take steps to always be confident and ready when they do happen.
April 4th | 9:00am PST | FREE

Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Why does Emotional Intelligence (EI) matter? Because at the core of every outstanding leader are the abilities to connect, achieve, inspire and act with resilience. EI has evolved from an area of research to a recognized set of best practices and core competencies that are at the heart of successful leadership. Today we use EI as an integrated set of skills that underpin highly effective, fast-reacting and innovative organizations.
May 17th | 12:00pm PST | FREE

The Voice of Leadership
No matter how compelling your vision or how brilliant your strategy, without strong communication skills, you may fail to get the attention and understanding of those you lead. The ability to get buy-in, garner trust and inspire loyalty isn't a skill you have to be born with.
April 18th | 12:00pm PST | FREE

Management Skills for New Managers
This preview gives you an introduction to the highly popular hands-on American Management Association seminar, Management Skills for New Managers. In this preview, you’ll hear about the skills and know-how you’ll need as you transition into your management role.
April 25th | 12:00pm PST | FREE

How to Use Design Thinking to Innovate Faster, Better and More Effectively
Design has become the “it” word and a defining element that can differentiate your business in an increasingly competitive world. In an economy of rapid commoditization, keeping the customer “front and center” has become the most important factor to include in the innovation equation in order to maintain brand loyalty.
May 9th | 12:00pm PST | FREE


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