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WEBINAR: Making Your Prices Stick… Without Getting Stuck

By Piasc
WEBINAR: Making Your Prices Stick… Without Getting Stuck
February 11, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Are you pricing your goods and services to capture your fair share of the market whilst still achieving profitability? Your Personal Business Trainer’s Vince DiCecco explores these questions and reveals ways to set and defend the prices you must charge to grow and succeed. If you’ve lost sales to competitors who undercut your price and are tired of customers beating you up over a few lousy bucks, this lively and idea-filled webinar will dissect and explore what you can do to sell at prices higher than your competition, and uphold your professional image at the same time. 

Main learning points include: 

  • Dissecting why each one of the four most commonly used price-setting strategies alone don’t work 
  • Exploring revenue, overhead, price-setting and profitability issues including the break-even formula as a “what if?” tool 
  • Learning what to do when customers say that they can get the same product down the block cheaper and effectively get your asking price consistently 
  • Ways to avoid and handle various price pressure tactics 

This webinar is a must for all business owners and sales professionals and managers. 

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