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WEBINAR: Weed in the Workplace: Challenge for Employers

By Piasc
WEBINAR: Weed in the Workplace: Challenge for Employers
October 9, 2019
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

While the use, sale and production of marijuana is still illegal under Federal law, California is one of many states that has legalized its recreational and medical use. Now that employees can legally get high outside of work hours, many employers are facing increased challenges related to weed in the workplace as well. Marijuana legalization impacts workplace safety, employment law, healthcare and more. 

Join us at this informational webinar to get your questions answered: 

• Do you still have the right to maintain a drug-free workplace? What about medical marijuana users who have a prescription for use during work hours? 

• Is there a legal way to test for on-the-job marijuana usage? 

• Can you fire employees who fail drug tests? 

• How does marijuana legalization affect compliance with a host of employment laws and regulations, from disability and medical leave to safety mandates, workers’ comp and more? 

• What are the key elements of a legally-acceptable policy regarding marijuana in the workplace? Which company documents should be updated to reflect this policy? 

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