High School Competition Templates

For each of the high school competitions with sizing specs we are providing entrants with .pdf templates which can be opened in or dropped into the applicable graphics software.


College Wall Graphics Competition Templates

We are providing templates for the wall graphics competition, where students can design a wall installation for a section of PIASC’s office. To create a design to be reproduced in large format, students must create vector-based artwork in Adobe Illustrator. Below are AI templates for the three wall options!

Download Reception Wall Template

Your design (25% SCALE): 35.0625 in x 25.75 in (Final wall dimensions: 140.25 in x 103 in)

Download Long Hallway Template

Your design (25% SCALE): 73.1875 in x 25.4375 in (Final wall dimensions: 292.75 in x 101.75 in)

Download Break Room Wall Template

Your design (25% SCALE): 72.75 in x 25.25 in (Final wall dimensions: 291 in x 101 in)


The wall graphics templates are scaled down to 25% of the final wall’s dimensions. That means that your artwork MUST be scalable in order to be reproduced. Please utilize only vector artwork and type in your creation. All works that include bitmap images such as photographs will be disqualified.

Please use the provided templates and submit your zipped .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file via WeTransfer, DropBox, or other applicable file sharing service to emilie@piasc.org.

PLEASE NOTE: The links in the left column should download a zipped Adobe Illustrator file from our website to you computer. If for whatever reason these links do not work, please feel free to email kristy@piasc.org to request a direct link to download.