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For over 80 years graphic communications industry businesses have counted on Printing Industries Association, Inc. to help them thrive.

While the list of services, resources and benefits that we offer is long, all are based on our extensive knowledge of the unique needs of our industry and area. As an added benefit, because we’re located where our members are, we are able to drive over and provide some services—such as sexual harassment training sessions and complimentary Cal/OSHA compliance inspections—at our members’ sites.

Making a Difference Since 1935

When a small group of Los Angeles-area printers banded together in 1935 to form a trade association, type was set by hand and one-color letterpresses were the norm. Since then, although PIA (previously PIASC) has been an incredibly stable association (we’ve had just three Presidents and two locations in 80+ years), we have also changed with the industry we serve. Over the years we’ve helped our members take advantage of the many technological changes in the graphic communications world, and expanded our services and benefits to meet our members’ evolving needs.


Since incorporating in 1944, PIA (previously PIASC) has grown to represent printers, print brokers, vendors and creative marketing professionals in Southern California as well as Clark County, Nevada.

A Foundation for Graphics Arts

PIA (previously PIASC) started the R.A.I.S.E. Foundation (Recruiting, Advancement of Instruction, Scholarships for Education in the Graphic Arts). Its goal is to foster graphic communications careers in primary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. R.A.I.S.E. is, and has been over the years, sustained by member companies, industry business and employees, including other foundations.

Sourcing New Candidates

PIA (previously PIASC) announced the beginning of the very popular Employment Service to help members find qualified, experienced employees and encourage job seekers into a career in industry. Til this day, we continue offering this service with two full-time recruiters for members.

Offering Group Medical Insurance

PIA (previously PIASC) opened the Printing Industries Benefit Trust (PIBT) division, offering members group medical benefits for their employees at competitive rates. Today, PIBT offers over 65 health care plans and one-of-a-kind administrative assistance.

Managing Risk

PIA (previously PIASC) continued to grow by introducing PIASC Insurance Services, Inc., a full line insurance agency. With industry knowledge and white glove service, this agency continues to provide excellent risk management for members and other businesses.

Saying Bye to Downtown Los Angeles

Because of the growing business, the PIA (previously PIASC) Offices moved from Downtown Los Angeles 12th Street to it’s current location in the City of Commerce.

75 Years of Service

PIASC celebrated 75 years of services to it’s members.


Western States Printing Alliance (WSPA) and Pacific Printing Industry Association (PPI) have joined forces with PIA (previously PIASC) making us the largest regional association in the west of the United States.


To reflect the fact that we have expanded to serve printing and graphic communications industry businesses in 13 western states, the Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California (PIASC) is now the Printing Industries Association, Inc. (PIA). Our new tagline: Services for Graphic Communications.

Today PIASC is the largest graphic arts trade association in the country...and we're looking forward to continuing to help graphics industry businesses thrive for decades to come!

Meet our Board of Directors

Printing Industries Association, Inc. is fortunate to have an enthusiastic group of industry veterans serving as volunteers on its Board of Directors, providing oversight, insight and direction to support the organization’s success. The Board also includes our President/CEO, an employee of PIA responsible for day-to-day operations at our Los Angeles office.

Kathy Urban
Inland Group, Chair
Damien Bradley
Kelly Spicers, Executive Vice Chair
Richard Jacobs
AV Graphics, Inc., Senior Vice Chair
Chris Feryn
Premier Press, Vice Chair
Lou Caron
PIA, President/CEO
Jeff Carpenter
Westcott Press, Director
Leiman Chan
Nonstop Printing, Inc., Director
Scott Cohen
KD Kanopy, Director
Claude Dardant
Autajon Packaging Thoro, Director
Chris Falco
Falco Suit, Director
Dutch Greve
Southwest Offset Printing Co., Inc., Director
George Haggarty
Main Graphics, Director
John Imbriani
Jenco Productions, Inc., Director
Amy Miller
Castle Press, Director
Anthony Narducci
O'Neil Printing, Director
Masoud Nikravan
Classic Litho & Design, Immediate Past Chair
Frank Peczuh
Peczuh Printing & Paperbox, Director
Joe Polanco
New Direction Partners, Director
Stan Spencer
Westprint, Director
Mike Szanger
National Graphics, Director
Ben Wood
Morel Ink, Director
Cory Wozow
PrintWest, Inc., Director

Board of Directors Meeting Schedule

PIA Board of Directors meets on the following months.

2024 Scheduled Meeting Dates

*May 1, 2024
Mini Board Retreat
Embassy Suites, Brea, CA

*September 24, 2024
(12:00 Noon)
Zoom Remote Conferencing
*November 17-19, 2024
Annual Board Retreat – TBA

Meet Our Team of Dedicated Experts

There are a lot of faces behind Printing Industries Association, Inc.—and nearly all have been serving our members for a decade or more! Take advantage of our deep understanding of the graphic arts industry, and let our team members do what they do best: Serve you.

Member Services

Lou Caron
Socorro Garcia
Executive Assistant to the President/CEO
Kristy Villanueva
Director, Member Services
Cathy Skoglund
Director, Southwestern States Member Services
Tammy Weatherly
Director, Northwest States Member Services
Rodney Bolton
Human Resources
Dave McCormac
Director, Education Outreach
Brett Chase
Senior Associate, Recruiting
Sandra Rodriguez
Senior Associate, Recruiting
Emily Holguin
Member Relationship Coordinator
Gloria Vargas
Associate, Member Services
Maria Luna
Assistant, General Administration
Karissa Melara
Senior Associate/Event Coordinator
Nadine Mora
Associate, Member Services

Medical Benefits (PIBT)

Evie Banaga
Director, Employee Benefits
Stephanie Hernandez
Web/Portal Support
Sandra Bonilla
Relationship Keeper
Tina Robles Morales
Relationship Keeper
Martina Rodriguez
Lupe Gomez
Data Processor

PIASC Insurance Services, Inc.

Nora Wolkoff
Vice President
Anthony Alatorre
Account Executive
Alfredo Anaya
Service Support


Craig Montesanti
Chief Financial Officer
Jamie Bengard
Dori Mandala
Senior Accountant
Ladel Flores
Esmeralda Sosa

Information Technology

Victor Hurtado
Jairo Cuellar
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