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As the largest printing industry association in the nation, PIASC is devoted to helping our members succeed…and there are many ways that we do so. Need group medical insurance? We’ve got dozens of plans to choose from, and a designated local customer service rep to handle your account. Have questions about human resources issues, sales tax or compliance? We’ve got the answers. Struggling with a technical printing issue? Give us a call. Looking for a referral to a local resource? You guessed it – we’ve got you covered.
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Group Medical Benefits

Choose from a full range of options, including over 65 different health care plans. Get an expert to deal with the insurance company on your employees’ behalf at no extra charge!

Commercial Insurance

Safeguard your business with a customized business insurance program tailored for you by an insurance professional with expertise in the unique requirements of the graphics industry.

Human Resources Support

Call PIASC’s HR expert when challenging labor situations or questions arise.

Expert Assistance

Get help from our in-house or vetted external experts in printing, safety, sales tax, compliance, environmental regulations, sales, marketing and other areas.

Employment Services

Save significant time and money by letting our experienced recruiters find the employees you need (another valuable free service for PIASC members).

Discount Programs

Save on background checks, credit reports, equipment, supplies, shipping 
and much more.

Credit Union

Provide a great benefit for your 
employees at no cost to you.

Training and Events

Take advantage of webinars, workshops and classes designed for our industry, and attend industry meetings and events.

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WEBINAR: OSHA’s 2020 Top 10 Print Industry Citations & How to Avoid Them

After more than a year of trying to keep our employees from contracting COVID-19 and focusing on carefully following all the OSHA, CDC,  state and local requirements, many of us are a little tired and frustrated. With the stress of dealing with the pandemic, we may have slipped in our normal plant safety emphasis. 

However, we must not overlook some of the basic OSHA safety training requirements that will both keep our plants safe and help us to avoid OSHA’s top 10 print industry citations.  

This webinar addresses how to comply with the OSHA requirements that others appear to be struggling with—as evidenced by the fact that these resulted in OSHA’s top 10 2020 citations.  

You’ll get an in-depth look at the following Top 5 citation categories: 

  • Machine guarding 
  • Control of hazardous energy lockout tagout 
  • Powered industrial trucks 
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) 
  • Hazard communication 

In addition, we will also cover: 

  • Fall protection 
  • Electrical, including temporary wiring (extension cords) 
  • Hazardous waste and emergency response 
  • OSHA Form 300 retention and updating 
  • Hand and powered tools, including compressed air for cleaning 

About the Instructor, John Holland 

Since 1993 John Holland and his company, Assured Compliance Solutions, Inc., have been helping printers across the country attain OSHA compliance. Throughout this time Assured Compliance Solutions has been providing their clients the same type of high-quality worker safety compliance support that Fortune 500 companies have long received from their own inhouse professional safety compliance staff. 

With his long-time print industry experience, John knows what violations an enforcement officer is seeking to uncover at your facility. Implement his advice and your people will enjoy a safer work environment, and you won’t have to fear an unexpected OSHA audit at your facility. 

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WEBINAR: 2021 HR Update

One year ago, no one could have imagined the changes that would take place in our workplaces—or the compliance challenges that these changes would create. In addition to the “usual” raft of changes to HR regulations, the seemingly ever-changing laws and regulations  associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have wreaked havoc on business’ ability to keep up. 

Unfortunately, ignorance of the law is not considered a valid excuse for non-compliance. As labor laws change, it is crucial for employers to stay up to date! 

Join us for this complimentary webinar as Susan Levi from HR|BIZZ provides the latest information about: 

  • Minimum wage increases 
  • COVID-19 in the workplace 
  • Pay data reporting 
  • Extended Family and Medical Leave 
  • Time off 
  • And more 
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WEBINAR: How to Gain Client’s Trust in Managing Their Data (Presented by PIM)

Learn how to share the value of SOC 2 and HITRUST Certification and how your company ensures overall regulatory compliance of data.

Data has become one of the most important assets for many organizations, and as more of your clients are sharing data, building their trust can become a challenging and critical risk. There are many ways to gain the trust of your clients and ensure them that your organization will protect their data. Accomplishing this can require completing countless security questionnaires and meetings to provide the necessary information to get your clients comfortable that you have appropriate security practices in place.

One option to build trust in a more effective and efficient way is to obtain a third-party audit or certification over your security practices that can be shared with your clients. The AICPA SOC 2 report and the HITRUST Certification are common approaches to address this, but which one is right for you and what are the differences?

We will help you to understand what both of these options involve and determine if they may be beneficial to gain your client’s trust in managing their data.


  • SOC 2 report and HITRUST Certification requirements, framework, and resources required.
  • Security and privacy requirements of GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, etc., that each industry, state, country, and other regulating bodies are now holding us accountable.
  • Best practices regarding the collection, processing, storage and sharing of your data.
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