2018 Continuous Improvement Conference

The 2018 Continuous Improvement Conference focuses on helping companies achieve operational excellence by using the concepts of lean manufacturing and other management and quality systems.

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TAGA 2018 Annual Technical Conference

The TAGA Annual Technical Conference provides an opportunity for its members to learn about the latest industry advances and those of related fields, as well as brainstorm with other experts about solving problems and road blocks in order to move our industry forward. Members come to the Annual Technical Conference from all over the world and from all facets of the graphic arts industry.

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2018 President’s Conference

Join us at the 2018 President’s Conference, March 4–6 in San Antonio, Texas. This year the focus is “Innovations in Leadership” to explore strategies and resources designed to help you better serve your customers while improving your operational and financial objectives.

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January 9, 2023

Name Change Announcement

We Are Now the Printing Industries Association, Inc.! Exciting news: With a decisive 96% “yes” vote, our membership has approved…
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November 11, 2022

Generational Groups & Work-Life Balance

When it comes to employment and a multi-generational workforce, both employees and employers who work in a manufacturing facility need…
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August 15, 2022

Where Can I Find Quality Employees?

In my previous blog post, we learned that COVID-19, population shifts, and economic pressures had caused a change in what…
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