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WEBINAR: Spot Colors and Expanded Gamut Printing

Expanded gamut printing with CMYK+OGV inks represents a revolution in spot color printing for packaging, speciality graphics and signage printers. The Ryerson University Expanded Gamut study is an evaluation of the capabilities and advantages of expanded gamut printing, that highlight products and services from vendors who have offerings in the area of CMYK+OGV printing. All the key vendors, including, but not limited to Kodak, Esko, GMG, CGS, ColorLogic, etc. include tests for spot color accuracy, choice of colorants to make a color, number of colorants to make a color, amount of ink used, smoothness, Photoshop interface to maintain gamut vs expand gamut, dealing with skin tones, targets, Pantone Extended Gamut Guide, etc. This is a buyers report that describes the basics of Expanded Gamut printing and helps you identify the correct questions to ask and the right products for your business.

Presenter: Dr. Abhay Sharma, Ryerson University

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Dickens Holiday Celebration

December 14th, 2019 will be the Printing Museum’s ever popular annual event, our Dickens Holiday Celebration. From 10 am to 4 pm guests will have the opportunity to experience Victorian England as never before. Visitors must reserve tickets for a specific performance time (11 am, 1 pm, or 3 pm) as we have limited seating in our theater. Ticket prices are $25 per person or $80 for a group of four.

PLEASE NOTE Guests for the 3 pm show are encouraged to arrive by 1:30 to enjoy all the other activities before the 3 pm show after which the event is over.

Your transportation back in time will cause the Museum’s galleries to be transformed into Fezziwig’s Warehouse with special presentations, tours, carolers, music, and the chance to print your own Victorian cards on antique presses from the 1850’s. You will have the chance to meet characters from various Dickens novels including the nefarious Fagin, the mad Miss Havisham and the sneaky Artful Dodger. Enjoy the vintage holiday music from “Captain Jack” and his 1895 Concert Roller Organ.

The highlight of your visit will be with Mr. Charles Dickens himself entertaining guests in the Museum’s Heritage Theater; he will retell his most famous story, A Christmas Carol, becoming Scrooge and randomly using his audience as cast members.

There will be a festive lunch of an English Banger, gingerbread and punch included with your ticket. We believe that it would be a humbug if you did not come to the International Printing Museum’s Dickens Holiday Celebration dressed in your finest Victorian dress! If you are not sure how to dress Victorian, click here to learn the secrets to a simple and easy way of coming properly dressed for this seasonal event.

Nathaniel Winkle from The Pickwick Papers will try to sell Ol’ Ben Franklin’s Electro-Static Generator as a Christmas present with”shocking results!”

It is important that you make your reservations early as this event sells out quickly each year. You may also purchase your tickets by calling the Printing Museum at (310) 515-7166.

Click here to reserve tickets online.

Members: $25
Non-Members: $25
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Annual Toy Drive & Ride

If your company is looking to give back, think of the children of City of Hope.

This year, our goal is to put smiles on hundreds of children’s faces. If you missed the toy donation deadline, you can still participate with a monetary donation by going to the website below. You can also join the all Santa motorcycle ride to City of Hope on Saturday, December 14th for the distribution of gifts.

Visit the Toy Drive website!

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WEBINAR: So, You Want To Get Into Packaging—Part 2: Pathway To Success—CPG Focus

CPG packaging presents numerous opportunities to printers. Of course, there’s the actual printing itself, but it doesn’t have to stop there. There are opportunities both upstream and downstream in the process, including art production, package structure designing, fulfillment services, etc. Regardless of where you decide to focus, it’s critically important to be prepared and to clearly articulate and deliver on your value proposition.

In the first seminar, you learned the importance of deepening your understanding of the CPG market before jumping in. This webinar expands your CPG industry knowledge and helps set you up for long-term success.

You Will Learn

  • CPGs continued… brief recap from last webinar
  • Packaging types that show growth
  • Areas of opportunity
  • Moving upstream and downstream
  • 10 steps to success

Who Should Attend

  • Owners
  • Sales Managers
  • Production Managers

Webinar Presenter

Steve Carter
Mean Dad Consulting

Members: FREE
Non-Members: $29
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WEBINAR: Can Credit Card Processing Fees be Reduced?

In this webinar, we dive into the rising cost of payment processing and tools available to reduce the fees your business pays. Let’s take a closer look at interchange rates, the growing use of reward/cashback cards and the options merchants can utilize to reduce their costs through direct bank transfers, interchange optimization, and how Zero Cost Credit is saving merchants money. 

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Color Conference 2020

In January 2020, Printing Industries of America and SGIA is hosting the premier color event in the industry—COLOR20. We are continuously on the lookout for new speakers and topic ideas for this event. Our goal with COLOR20 is to deliver helpful, practical, real-world sessions to our conference attendees.

Contact: Jenn Strang
(412) 259-1810

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Flexo Technology 2020

An in-depth look at some of today’s and tomorrow’s hottest flexo technologies.

Presented by Esko in conjunction with PIASC and Fullerton College


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33rd Annual Surplus Drive

Donate your surplus paper and office supplies on January 16-17, 2020 to support our future workforce!

How does this work?

Every year, we ask industry members to donate their unused paper and office supplies to help supplement graphic arts programs with extremely limited budgets.

When are the supplies delivered?

Thursday & Friday, January 16 & 17, 2020, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

R.A.I.S.E. Foundation staff will receive donations and hand out receipts.

More information available here.


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WEBINAR: Legislative Update: What’s Good and What Could Hurt

 Your industry lobbyist has been keeping an eye on a variety of bills as it makes its way through the California legislature. Now that 2019’s legislative session has come to an end, here’s an update from our lobbyist, RJ Cervantes of Fernández | Cervantes Government Affairs on what was signed into law…and what was not.

RJ will cover the following: 

• Bills Signed into Law

• Bills Not Signed into Law-Eligible for Reintroduction Next Year

• Bills Not Signed into Law-Consider these “Dead”

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Save the Date: TAGA Annual Technical Conference

TAGA is the premier global association for individuals researching, developing, and studying graphic arts technology and hosts an Annual Technical Conference for print professionals, scientists, researchers, university professors, and students.

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Save the Date: 2020 Continuous Improvement Conference

The 2020 Continuous Improvement Conference (April 5-8 in Columbus, Ohio) is the only annual event focused on helping custom manufacturers such as printing and converting companies achieve operational excellence by using the concepts of Lean manufacturing and other management and quality systems. Year after year attendees directly link reduced costs, lowered waste, and increased profit margins to ideas gained from conference presentations and networking.

Whether you’re starting a structured improvement program, or are looking for ways to sustain and improve your existing efforts, the conference has content specifically designed for your knowledge level.

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