Print Excellence Awards

Types of Awards

The Print Excellence Awards judges bestow different types of awards during the competition to honor winning printed pieces. All submissions are equally eligible for the prestigious honor, but the judges will only award pieces they feel represent the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. We establish no set number of awards to bestow in each category, and the judges may grant multiple awards in each category.


Best of Show

The Best of Show is awarded to the most outstanding piece from the entire competition. Judges select from the Best of Division winning pieces. The winner will receive a personalized 13.5-inch glass award.

Specialty Awards

These will be awarded to the most outstanding piece who executes the following individual qualities:

• Best of State

• Best Use of Paper 

• Best Execution of Ink 

• Best Design 

Winners will receive a 7-inch personalized glass award.

Best of Category (Gold)

The Best of Category is awarded to the most outstanding piece in each category. To win a Best of Category, the entry must be flawless. The judges do not always award a Best of Category in every category. More than one Best of Category may be awarded should the judges find multiple entries worthy. Winners will receive a 5-inch personalized glass award.

Award of Excellence (Silver)

An Award of Excellence is awarded to those entries which are runners-up for Best of Category. Some categories do not always have a Best of Category winner; however, judges can still designate an Award of Excellence. Winners will receive a personalized framed certificate.  

Certificate of Merit (Bronze)

A Certificate of Merit is awarded to a piece deserving recognition for its high level of quality in printing and design. Winners will receive a personalized certificate.

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