July 6, 2016

Gaining More Business from your Current Print Cutomers!

Gaining More Business from your Current Print Cutomers!

Current small business owners are aware of the large percentage of these businesses which either struggle to stay afloat or fail. However, small printing businesses make up a large percentage of printing companies in California.

The Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California (PIASC) wants to make sure we help provide small printing business owners with the tools to grow their business.

We present this one-day conference Essentials to Success on Saturday, July 23, 2016, at Fullerton College, CA starting at 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., featuring excellent speakers and topics that can help your business grow.


The California Printing Industry: Where it is and Where It’s Headed Presenter: Gerry Bonetto, Phd, Vice President Government Affairs Printing Industries of California

In California, printing is an ever-evolving small business manufacturing industry. This presentation will focus on the overall scope of this small business industry, its contributions to the California economy, its rank among all states, and its fiscal contribution to the state and local government. The presentation will also compare the current to past markets and the future direction of the industry—that is, where the industry was, is now, and what directions a small printer must take in the future to survive and thrive.

Owning a GREAT Business: 7 Organizing PRINCIPLES so yours is one of them!                                                                                      Presenter: Lorin Young, Owner, Design Dynamics

Owning a great business is within reach when you confidently know who your customer is, what problems they are trying to solve, when they are most likely to need your help, and where they will want to buy from you! While these are four of the most basic questions for any business owner to answer, answering them so that you can profit from your insights is never easy. This presentation will give you an outline of the 7 organizing principles through a 7-P Framework to lead you to new insights now and in the future so that you too can own a GREAT business.

HOW TO: Balancing Your Online Visibility & Interactions
Presenter: Jen Strang, Senior Marketing Manager, Printing Industries of America

Social media outlets of all kinds let you connect with your key demographic on a daily basis. Through these, you get to interact with your clientele and be top of mind for their next printing/marketing needs. During this presentation, you will learn the benefits of becoming visible online and experience hands-on, some tips and tricks for balancing your social media outlets.

Methods of Managing Your Customers Activity Made Easy! Presenter: Christoph Riechert, CEO, CBR Technology, Inc.

Amazing things happen when you track all your conversations and interactions in one place. The Method CRM software will demonstrate a better way to allow you to track every interaction, including phone calls, emails, appointments, marketing campaigns, and services performed. You’ll know each customer’s history including what they need and when they need it so no opportunities are missed. This demonstration will also show you the easy QuickBooks integration so you can say “good-bye” to double entry and “hello” to efficiency.

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