April 8, 2024

Jan Gottesman Selected Executive of the Year

By Jake Dunaetz
Jan Gottesman Selected Executive of the Year



Los Angeles, California—The Printing Industries Association, Inc. (PIA) announces the selection of Jan Gottesman, President of Kelly Spicers, as the PIA 2024 Executive of the Year. Kelly Spicers is a major West Coast distributor of paper, packaging, digital media, graphics supplies and other items used by the printing industry.

“Jan was chosen for this honor,” says Lou Caron, PIA President/CEO, “because of the significant impact that her work has had on the graphics communications industry. From serving on industry organization boards and mentoring women executives coming up in printing to supporting PIA’s programs and so much more, Jan always says ‘yes, count me in.’ She is a well-respected voice across the industry, known for her integrity, innovation, hard work and dedication.”

Although Jan has spent her entire professional career in the paper industry, she never intended to follow in her father’s, grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s footsteps in this way. But then, after earning her bachelor’s degree from Humboldt State University, Jan received a great opportunity to start her career in sales and marketing for Atlanta-based Neenah Paper. The rest is history. After leading one of the industry’s most iconic fine paper product marketing efforts at Neenah, Jan moved to Kimberly-Clark Professional, where she was Director of Tissue and then Director of Global Strategy.

Jan become president of Kelly Paper in 2007. After being named president of Spicers Paper in 2011, she led the two companies through their 2012 acquisition by Central National Gottesman Inc. Under Jan’s leadership Kelly Spicers has become a market leader in paper distribution, and she has grown the company’s other offerings as well.

Jan was a member of the PIA Board from 2015 to 2020, was the first female chair of the National Paper Trade Association (NPTA) and has served on the Sappi Merchant Advisory, the Paper & Packaging Board and the Domtar Merchant Advisory as well. In 2022 Jan was awarded the paper industry’s highest honor, the Stanley O. Styles Industry Excellence Award.


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